NOTE: price for services is dependant on farm size and location. Service time completion is dependant on farm.

Farm Development & Engineering

We conduct the following types of analyses and reports to help farms grow well-nourished crops and livestock:
– Geohydrological & hydrological analysis
– Water return flow analysis
– Water resource reports outlining:
   – water consumption
   – future water availability
– water conservation
– Agricultural technical reports
– Borehole siting & testing
– Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
– Dam & irrigation design
– Soil analysis

Business Development

Take your business to the next level with our:
– Business planning
– Business research
– Advisory Services
– We provide support and recommendations for your agricultural problems.
– We help streamline agricultural processes to increase farms productivity.


– Farm management systems
– Crop recommendations
– Crop water requirements assessments
– Feasible water sources
– Environmental management
– Irrigation systems

– Water License Applications (e-WULAAS)
– Water rights transfers

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